Mudlark - DisraeliThe Mudlark
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I got a penthouse, hold the patent
I taught Wray how to Stroll
I'm the monster, who made the monster
I got a michigan roll
I'm the Mudlark, I'm the benchmark, I don't need anything.

(I) got my holdings, own half a nightclub
(&) a Checker Marathon
I got a girlfriend she got her own children
(they're) dealing dope from Kazakhstan

old Danny Fisher, mops out the bathroom
(the) King's a-hustlin for me
me & Maxie we turned out the King
he caught himself a disease

I hold the deed to Valhalla
crude oil futures & gold
I pull the strings that haul the people
straight down to the hold

dredge the billions, up from the delta
(in) Barataria Bay
the brigantine, she broke up leaving
money and a corsair's name

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