The Revelator
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(I was) busted in the springtime so I hung myself in jail
white sheet ‘cross my face, air is foul & stale
Johnny Conqueroo, he cause my pain, I stole some man’s frail
I’d burn down the stinkin’ town, then ankle it on down to the rail

woken up inside the grave when the train it shook the track
satin red inside de box, pry my knife up ‘tween the crack
now I’m stinkin, krinkin, sinkin, kickin’ clawing on my way back
(it was) all because of nothin, never touched that woman’s nation sack

black hunger struck the people musta been while I was dead
hundred babies shiv-rin cold, pray for a crust of bread
the scale hold nothin but dying days ahead
there’s blood in the water, they bodies rolling on the creek-bed

ride the blinds to the county line not a single soul in sight
then a pale man on a pale mule, he glowed across the night
death a-ride behind him, & he hold them reins tight
(I’s) quincunxin for Nzila, & I’m prayin for the healing morning light

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